Private Health Insurance


Privat Health insurance

You can save a lot of money by switching from statutory to private health insurance. A comparison is worthwhile in most cases and can provide you with additional benefits.

Information on Privat Health Insurance

Private health insurance has the advantage that it can be adapted to your needs. These options can lower the cost of the insurance or, depending on your personal requirements, improve the services provided by the statutory health insurance. The various insurance companies offer numerous tariffs that guarantee extensive protection. If you opt for private health insurance, you have many options to adapt the insurance to your requirements.

Details On Private Full Health Insurance

In Germany, all citizens are required to have health insurance. Insurance in private health insurance offers various advantages over statutory insurance.

  • Self-employed and freelancers are not required to take out insurance
  • Employees who earn above the annual income limit are exempt from compulsory insurance
  • Civil servants and prospective civil servants receive free medical care or allowance from the state. However, not all costs are covered. Many companies offer special supplementary aid tariffs for this purpose
  • Soldiers are granted free medical care and are therefore exempt from compulsory insurance
  • Students can obtain exemption from compulsory health insurance within three months of enrolling in their studies

As with any other insurance, there are several factors to consider before purchasing.


A lot of money can be saved with private health insurance. The corresponding premiums differ depending on the selected service. Spouses and children can also be insured.


In private health insurance, insurance coverage can be flexibly adjusted. The services differ depending on the provider and often include more than the statutory health insurance companies can offer.

Statutory health insurance

After a premium increase, all members have a special right of termination for four weeks. You can switch to another provider and take out additional insurance from a private health insurer. In this way, the services of the statutory health insurance companies can be supplemented.

Voluntarily insured persons can switch to statutory or private health insurance if the notice period is observed. The insured person can join the new fund two months after the end of the month of termination.

Private health insurance

The notice periods differ depending on the tariff chosen. In most cases you have to cancel three months before it expires.