Car Insurance


Car Insurance

You can save a lot with car insurance in particular. However, the insurance protection offered should not suffer as a result. A timely change of car insurance can save several hundred euros and still offer the protection you are used to. Get the right insurance for your vehicle at an optimal price-performance ratio.

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Car Insurance Comparison - How To:

When making comparisons, the various prices and services are taken into account in detail. If you can find the right insurance for your needs, you can request a quote directly. Simply enter all the required data into our comparison calculator. The offers from various insurance companies are then determined on this basis. The result is displayed directly to you and you can compare the offers at your leisure.

Car Insurance Details

As a rule, the insurance can be canceled at the turn of the year. The cancellation of the motor vehicle insurance must be made accordingly by November 30th. At the end of the year, the various insurance companies are therefore increasingly focusing on this area and creating new and affordable offers.

If your previous insurer increases the premiums, you have a special right of termination at any time. You can then terminate your contract within four weeks of being notified of the increase.

Motor vehicle liability insurance is a statutory mandatory insurance. Every vehicle registered in Germany must have such an insurance. As with any other liability insurance, the insurance covers damage you cause to others. In the event of an accident, the insurance company will cover all costs.

The partially comprehensive insurance replaces damage to your own vehicle. Glass damage, storm damage, theft of the vehicle or parts of it, hail damage and damage caused by game are the most important insured risks. If, for example, the windshield is damaged by falling rocks, the partial comprehensive insurance will cover the costs. It is irrelevant whether the pane is damaged by falling rocks or through your own fault. If, on the other hand, the vehicle is stolen or damaged by hail, you will receive a maximum of the replacement value.

A fully comprehensive insurance extends the partially comprehensive insurance to include self-inflicted damage or, for example, damage caused by vandalism. Vandalism damage is damage to the vehicle caused by third parties. In contrast to partial comprehensive insurance, a no-claims discount is applied to fully comprehensive insurance.

The motor vehicle insurance cover can be taken out in conjunction with motor vehicle liability insurance. In the event of an accident or breakdown, the costs will be reimbursed. With this insurance, too, there are different benefits depending on the provider.

Different providers charge the same fees for a second car as for the first car. This means that the second car can also be insured cheaply.