Pet Owner Liability


Pet Owner Liability

As the owner of an animal, you are liable for damage caused by the animal, even if you are not to blame yourself. The very fact that you own this animal is enough for you to be held liable. This falls under the scope of strict liability.

Brief information on pet owner liability

The pet owner’s liability is an imperative for every private pet owner, because you are liable for your pet to an unlimited extent.

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Details on pet owner liability

Anyone who owns an animal. As a pet owner, you are liable even through no fault of your own.

As the policyholder, you are insured in your capacity as a pet owner. It should be noted that every animal must be insured.

If a new animal is added and you already have pet owner liability, you should inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

The pet owner's liability insurance pays compensation to third parties if their claims for damages are justified. It is also the responsibility of your insurance company to check whether you are even obliged to pay compensation. Unfounded claims are fended off by the insurance.

Pet owners who use animals commercially need commercial pet owner liability insurance. For example, anyone who lends their animal for a fee also needs a special form of insurance. Every form of commercial use must be specially insured. Damage caused intentionally is also not insured.