Protection for every case

Adequate insurance cover is an important prerequisite for a carefree life. So that you are taken care of in all necessary cases, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive coverage. Your insurance must suit you and you must be able to rely on this protection when you need it. Whether you need protection in the private sector or for your company: we create individually tailored concepts and solutions.


Legal Protection Insurance

Litigation always costs money. Your opponent only has to pay these costs if he loses in court.

Car Insurance

You can save a lot with car insurance in particular. However, the insurance protection offered...

Pet Owner Liability

As the owner of an animal, you are liable for damage caused by the animal, even if you are not to blame yourself.

Private Legal Liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects you from financial consequences if you cause...

Private Health Insurance

You can save a lot of money by switching from statutory to private health insurance.

Household Insurance

Water damage almost always comes unexpectedly. Burglars also rarely announce their visit...

Homeowners Insurance

You can insure single, double and multi-family houses against damage caused by fire, tap water, storms...

Occupational Disability Insurance

In some cases, as a result of an accident or illness, the profession...

Sickness Supplement Insurance

The statutory health insurances do not cover the entire field of health care.

Accident Protection Insurance

Long stays in hospital or disability are often the result of accidents.