Your Advantages


Comprehensive support from a single source

As an insurance broker, we are exclusively committed to our customers. We act as its “trustee”. We are obliged to advise our customers in the best possible way and are also responsible for the consequences. This creates a real partnership between consultants and customers.

Rely on us and take care of the most important thing in your insurance: lead a well-secured and carefree life. That is why, as your insurance broker, we also take care of the details.

We give you the right insurance coverage

Our tasks include a wide range of activities. With us you have a competent contact person for all insurance questions. It is not decisive with which insurance company the individual insurance contracts were concluded. What we can offer you:

Objective market overview
Risk and needs analysis
Development of the coverage concept
Selection of the different offers
Meetings with you and a company
Decision support for the conclusion

Long-term support

As an insurance broker, our work focuses on providing comprehensive, long-term support to our clients. Our commitment includes a wide variety of tasks in the interests of our customers. Our tasks and services:

Ongoing analysis of the risk to be insured
Development of a coverage concept
Obtaining offers and reviewing these offers
Product selection and selection of the risk taker
Examination of the documentation
Termination of existing contracts and re-coverage
Risk monitoring and expansion of insurance coverage
Support of the client in the event of a claim or benefit

Your advantages

As an insurance broker, we work exclusively in the interests of our customers. In contrast to insurance agents, we are not tied to any insurance company or their offers. This results in the following advantages for you:

No ties to insurance companies
No commitment to certain products
Exclusive management of your interests

We can endeavor to provide you with insurance cover from any insurer in Germany. In this way, we can always create an optimally coordinated and balanced offer for our clients. It does not matter whether different insurances are taken out with one provider or with several.

Thanks to years of experience and the preservation of our independence, we can offer you this excellent service.