Private Legal Liability insurance


Private Legal Liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects you from financial consequences if you cause damage to another person. Liability insurance regulates the damage incurred and protects you from unjustified claims.

Benefits of personal liability

Protects you and your assets from financial loss
Worldwide protection around the clock
Additional services with different tariffs

Details on personal liability insurance

Every adult and every family should have liability insurance. It provides extensive protection against the dangers of everyday life.

Spouses and children are automatically included in the family tariffs. Many insurances also include the life partner.

There are also special offers for singles, which accordingly only apply directly to the policyholder.

The insurance regulates legitimate claims for damages that are made against you. The insurance company checks the claims beforehand and fends off unjustified claims. The insurance company bears the costs incurred for a possible process.

In principle, personal injury and property damage are insured. In some tariffs, property damage and property damage are also insured up to a certain amount.

The amount of coverage can be chosen freely. In most cases, a relatively low amount of cover is sufficient to cover damage that has occurred.

However, private liability insurance does not exempt you from claiming damages. If a person is harmed so much that they need care, the insurance company pays the insured amount. You will pay for all other claims with your private assets.

If children get married and were previously insured with their parents, they must take out their own private liability insurance. Even after completing school or vocational training or studying, the children can no longer be co-insured with their parents. Anyone who is under 18 after completing their training can remain insured with their parents until they reach the age of majority.

Other people and relatives are not automatically included in the insurance. These can be insured with a premium surcharge or you can take out your own insurance.

As with any liability insurance, damage caused intentionally is not insured. Damage is also not insured if it occurs in the case of co-insured persons. Personal liability insurance does not pay if the child breaks the parents' television.