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The contribution to the motor vehicle insurance depends on the type of car, but also on the no-claims class achieved. The longer you are on the road without an accident, the less you pay for insurance coverage. Pleasing: Within the family, once a no-claims class has been achieved, it can often be passed on and this saves money.

The transfer of the no-claims class is worthwhile, for example, if the grandmother gives up driving and passes her cheap no-claims class on to the granddaughter, who has had a driver’s license for several years and is now buying her first car. However, passing on the no-claims class is subject to conditions. As the person taking over, you have to make it credible that you have driven the vehicle of the person making the transfer on a regular basis. The insurers usually assume this if the sender and recipient are closely related or live in a community. The donor must of course agree to the transfer; in the event of his death, the discount can be transferred on presentation of a death certificate. If the sender wants to continue to use his car, the transfer does not make sense, because by passing it on, he loses his discount and would be classified again in the lowest no-claims class by the insurer. Attention: You can only pass on as many claims-free years as the beneficiary could have achieved since obtaining the driver’s license. Young people can only have limited credit for the freedom from damage of relatives who have been on the road for many years without accidents; new drivers do not yet benefit.

Our tip: You can often save a lot of premiums by switching to a cheaper motor vehicle insurer. The no-claims class obtained is then transferred to the new insurer via data exchange, so the discount achieved with the previous insurer is not lost. Are you looking for high-performance and at the same time inexpensive insurance cover for your car? With us you will find the right offer quickly and easily!

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