Change car insurance for the new year: Here’s how

Do you want to switch to a cheaper car insurer in order to save hard cash in the coming year? Then mark November 30, 2021 in your calendar, because your contract termination must reach the old insurer by this date so that you can insure your vehicle with a new and cheaper company from 2022.

The insurance year for motor vehicle insurance is usually the calendar year; you can then terminate your old contract with one month’s notice to the end of 2021. The letter of termination must reach the previous motor vehicle insurer by November 30th for the termination to take effect, otherwise the contract will be extended for another year. An informal message “I hereby cancel my vehicle insurance as of December 31, 2021” is sufficient. The notice of termination must also include the number of the policy, the registration number of the vehicle, place and date. The termination must be in writing, i.e. by letter, fax or email. If you want to be on the safe side, you can send the notice of termination by registered mail so that if anything is unclear, you can easily prove that it was received on time.

The price competition among motor insurers is currently fierce, and older contracts in particular are often unnecessarily expensive. It is best to compare the offers now, then you will still have enough time to take out a new policy with a cheaper provider and to cancel your old contract by November 30th. By the way: the no-claims class achieved is automatically taken over by the new insurer. We will be happy to help you choose an affordable car insurance with first-class benefits!

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